Professional Planogram Software for Retail Shelving Space Planning and Visual Merchandising in Singapore

Benefits of Planogram Software in Retails

  • Reduction of Out-Of-Stocks
  • Balance Between Consumer Demand and Shelf Inventory
  • Shelf Layout That Stimulates Purchasing Behaviour
  • Improved Usage of Scarce Retail Space
  • More Efficient Use of Staff During Shelf-Resets

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Importance of Category Management for SMEs

Now a powerful, yet affordable solution exists, allowing companies with smaller budget and less commercial staff to enter the game as well. Let us introduce you to a professional planogram software for shelf space planning. One that is equally effective yet friendly to your budget – Retail Shelf Planner.

Intrack is the authorized reseller for Retail Shelf Planner in 3 countries – Malaysia & Singapore. With Retail Shelf Planner, everyone now can now practice professional space management:

  • Improve on the assortment carried and maximising allocation of space
  • A shelf layout that simulates purchasing behavior
  • Reduction of out-of-stock occurrence
  • Balance between consumer demand and shelf inventory
  • More efficient use of staff during shelf-reset
  • More insights into your sales performance vs your competitors

The cost, scale and ease of use are the main key benefits of Retail Shelf Planner:

  • Focus on important functionality of planogram i.e build planogram, live images, stock/space analysis and printout reports
  • Compatible with Spaceman & JDA
  • Budget friendly whereby we charge based an annual subscription fee on a per user basis. No upfront cost, no maintenance charge!

The annual fee of deploying Retail Shelf Planner as follows:

No. of LicenseFee
1st LicenseSGD $3,050
2nd License onwardsSGD $2,450

Professional Floorplanning with Retail Floor Planner

Apart from managing shelf space, a retailer floor plan is another aspect that you should look into. Traditionally, floorplans or store layouts are driven by operational departments, while overlooking the commercial and consumer aspects.

Another solution that we provide is Retail Floor Planner which brings the benefits in restructuring your store or opening a new store:

  • Improve the allocation of all categories in the right location and space
  • Reduce downtime during a store restructuring, or opening a new store quicker
  • Offer consumers a better shopping experience through a friendlier store-layout and better category adjacencies

Additionally, if you're facing challenges such as numerous active/inactive planograms in your library, not up-to-date data in your planogram and taking too much time to implement assortment changes, Retail Merchandising Center can help you to solve these issues.

Retail Merchandising Center works in parallel with Retail Shelf Planner and with Retail Floor Planner as an option. By allowing both software to store your planograms and floorplans, Retails Merchandising Center offers you a full set of capabilities to manage and maintain the planograms and floorplans in a more efficient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions you might have about Retail Shelf Planning

The 2 most used software are: Spaceman Professional by Nielsen and Space Planning by JDA (now called Blue Yonder). It is important to know that Retail Shelf Planner is compatible to these 2 software

Retail Shelf Planner is compatible with both software, it can read and write *.pln as well as *.psa file

No, training fees is not included, please call or email us for training charges

Annual subscription model work in a way that you pay a fee to use the software annually, you do not own the software where have the right to use the software within the subscription period. You also get free software upgrade during your subscription period. While upfront software purchase mean you buy the right of using the software and you can keep using the software as long as you like, no software upgrade unless you opt to pay for annual maintenance for software upgrade. Annual subscription cost is much lower compare to upfront purchase, and it is 100% tax claimable on annual basis

No, if you are not renewing, the software will be disable after the subscription period

You can’t cancel the subscription and there will be no refund provided as well

No, the price model is fixed for Retail Shelf Planner

Yes, second copy will be cheaper. Refer to chart below on volume pricing.