MailerTrack For Promotion Tracking

MailerTrack is our proprietary SaaS software that provides the most comprehensive B2B FMCG promotion-tracking service available in Malaysia and Singapore.

With a rich database of price and promotion since 2006, MailerTrack gives valuable insights and analytics into mailer and press ad promotions to allow our clients to aid their negotiations with retailers and suppliers.

Get Data And Insights Using Mailertrack And Many More!

Why 100+ FMCG Brands And Retailers In ASEAN Is Using MailerTrack?


Is category's promotion increasing or decreasing? (Overall and by retailers)


Are you under or over spending on your trade advertisements? (Overall and by retailers)


Are you under or over promoting VS your competition? What are my competitors focusing on promoting?


How competitive is your product's promotion price VS the competition.

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