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What market data should you be tracking?

Tracking of the 4Ps is essential to check your own performance as well as market competition in the category you are competing with.


  • Distribution check(if your product is listed & selling)
  • Assortment check(what products been sold by a particular retailer)
  • New Product Introduction(any new products available in the market)
  • On shelf availability or out of stock checking


  • Share of space tracking(how much space your brand have within the category)
  • Planogram compliance(check if the agreed planogram has been followed at outlet)
  • Promotion or new product launch execution compliance check


  • Promotion frequency by retailers by suppliers(who's promoting where and how frequently)
  • Promotion mechanics as well as price


  • Both normal & promotion price for your products as well as competition
  • For offline as well as online retailers

Unique & Practical Solution That Helps You To Understand The Market And Competition Better.

From Tracking of 4Ps To Outsourcing of Planogram Service

MailerTrack Promotion Tracking

MailerTrack is our proprietary SaaS software that provides the most comprehensive B2B FMCG promotion-tracking service available in Malaysia and Singapore. With a rich database of price and promotion since 2006, MailerTrack gives valuable insights and analytics into brochure, press ad & social media promotions to allow our clients to aid their negotiations with retailers and suppliers.

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In-store & Online Price Check

Pricing is the most important aspect of consumer decision making and the right pricing strategies could shape the profitability of your organisation. As market force dictates pricing fluctuation, price tracking of your own products as well as competitors is critical information to monitor Intrack can help you to track price for both offline (at store) or online (e-commerce site) on daily, weekly or at frequency you desire.

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In-store Tracking & Audit

From distribution check, new product or promotion display compliance, out of stock or share of space tracking, to any in-store matters and information that you need visibility, Intrack through our trained field auditors is capable of customizing a tracking service to identify and address your concerns in the retail outlets.

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Category & Space Management

We provide almost full scale of space management service, from most affordable planogram software, manpower (that you can outsource the task to us) to training your team on space management.

We offer experienced man-power in handling field collection, scan data analysis, planogramming as well as category reviews.

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Hargapedia Survey Solution

Leveraging on our app, Hargapedia, we can easily reach out to a diverse base of more than 1,000,000 Malaysian users to answer your survey at a very cost effective price. From the time of distributing the survey to delivering the data and insights to you, all it takes is a mere 3 weeks.

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Other Solutions

Find out more about our other suite of solutions for your business needs.

Mystery Shopping

It actually cost 10x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. One unhappy customer will tell 5 other people of their bad experience with service So, it's important to use mystery shopping to anonymously evaluate customer satisfaction, top of mind awareness, employees/dealers service and operations efficiency, product knowledge or to gather specific information about a market or competitors, including products and services.

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Hargapedia Activation

You can reach out to over 1,000,000 Malaysian that use our price comparison app, Hargapedia. As users will compare prices before deciding which outlet to buy from, it is the best opportunity to intercept by showing advertisement or promotion information of your brand. This can be done on general broadcasting or specific targeting that suit your requirement.

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Planogram software

Introducing Retail Shelf Planner (RSP), one of the most affordable yet practical planogram software in the market that is fully compatible with Spaceman and JDA software. Intrack is authorised reseller for Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia since 2018.

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Training & Consultancy

We provide a practical approach to train your team in the area of category & space management, which focus on assortment, space planning & category review. Our training include MS Excel skill in handling retailer POS data & analysis, tips and quick method to get work done faster. Planogram software training for both Retail Shelf Planner and Spaceman can be separately organized for new user.

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What Market Data Should You Be Tracking For FMCG Business?

Known in the market as "The Trade Specialist", we provide our expertise to the FMCG industry to gain and discover insights in the field promotion tracking, category management/planogramming outsourcing, in-store tracking, price audit, consultancy and training.

We are FMCG expert, with over 20+ years of experience in the retail trade industry.

Our services are subscribed by both local & MNC FMCG companies and retailers. We work closely with retailers on data sharing of promotions and prices.

We are present in Malaysia & Singapore to serve your tracking needs.

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Our services are subscribed by key Fortune 500 as well as local CPG/Retail companies in the region

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