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Competitive Price Check and Monitoring for Retailers in Singapore

Get the latest pricing data in the fastest way. Our field marketing team will conduct price monitoring at selected Singaporean retailers on your behalf to collect the price, product and promotion data according to your needs.

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Why Use Our Retail Price Checker?

Intrack, with our team of trained and experienced field auditors, aims to make the pricing data available to you at the earliest opportunity. Our field marketing team will carry out pricing checks at selected Singaporean retailers on your behalf to collect the price, product and promotion data according to your needs.

The data collected is then submitted to our analyst team to be validated before it is shared out for further use. If further analysis is required, our analyst team is also able to generate insights based on the collected data to be shared over to you in a predetermined report format along with the data collected by the field auditor team.

Online and in-Store Price Tracking and Monitoring Process in Intrack

To conduct in store tracking and checks, it is essential that we understand the type of information that you would need us to collect. Generally, the following data will be collected:


The displayed prices of the items being tracked.


Whether the tracked items are on promotions and, and if they are, the type of promotions (gifting, multi-purchase, member's price).

Product availability

The availability of the items in stores, the range of items that the store is currently carrying and whether the product carried can be benchmarked against each other across different retailers.


As proof that the checks were carried out and as evidence to back up the data that was shared over.

If further information is required, we will need to be informed beforehand so that our field team can be briefed on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions you might have about In-store & Online Price Check

This depends on your needs. Our team can carry out the checks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is also up to you on which day you would like them to go into the stores

We can provide the data to you on the day of the audit itself. If further analysis and insights are required from our side, we will need to set up a schedule with your team to plan out when to do the audit as some time is needed to carry out the analysis

This depends on your own requirements. Generally, we will share over the product list, by stores, with the captured price, promotions and pictures once the data has been validated. However, if you require us to carry out analysis of the data first, we will need you to inform us on how you would like the data to be displayed, the types of information you would like us to highlight and also set up a schedule with us on when the you will need to receive the data. Reason being, as extra time is needed to prepare the analysis, we will need to carefully plan out by when the audit needs to be completed.

We will share over pictures from the audit along with the data so you can use this as proof the audit was carried out and the data shared over is exactly what is available in the store. On a monthly basis, we will also swap around the members of our teams so that they do not become complacent by doing the same project each month.

We will need you to prepare the list of items that you will need our team to check as well as let us know the retailers that you would like us to carry out these checks in. Apart from that, you will need to let us know on the frequency you would like the checks to be carried out, any limitations to it (e.g. should be carried out before 12pm every Saturday) and also by when you would need us to share over the results from the audit.

Generally, we will charge based on the number of items that our team will need to check daily. However, if you have further requirements from this project, upon understanding what your needs are, we will share over a quotation based on the number man days it will take to complete it.