Launched in 2018, Hargapedia is Intrack's first foray into the b2c industry. It's Malaysia's leading grocery, health and beauty price comparison app.

Our app has been downloaded by more than 1,000,000 Malaysians and counting, helping them to easily save on their household shopping. Use Hargapedia to compare and monitor prices of your favourite products at your favourite retailers.

We bring our expertise and experience in the FMCG industry and extended it to Malaysian consumers by creating Hargapedia, guiding them how to save every hard earned dollars of theirs.

How can Hargapedia help you?

For businesses, be it FMCG or non-FMCG, Hargapedia provides various solutions to address your needs of reaching out to mass consumers and also obtaining insights and information into consumer behavior through...


Users on Hargapedia are in 'shopping mode', hence with higher response and engagement rate towards our inventory.

Hyper Targeting

Knowing where our users shop and their saved products, we are able to conduct highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Survey & Polling

With a large user base, we can quickly roll out surveys and polling for our partners to gauge the sentiments, preferences and consumption patterns of Malaysians, giving our partners a large sample size to analyse.